The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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LIFE: The Great Challenge   -   by Royce B. McClure
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April 10, 2009
Yong Ha Yoo   -   Incheon City, Korea.     Assembled between 19 October 2008 and 10 April 2009.

FIRST TO COMPLETE IN KOREA. My father completed this huge puzzle. His name is Yoo, Yong Ha and he is 73 years old. He lives in Incheon city (very close to Seoul) in Korea.

He loves big puzzles and has already finished many large puzzles, like 9000, 13200, 18000 pcs and other smaller pieces. So I gave my father this HUGE puzzle for his 73th birthday present last October.

Last year, after he had completed the St. Columba Altarpiece puzzle (18000pcs from EDUCA) he started to challenge this record and he has at last finished.

Sometimes my family would help a little but we didn't have a lot of spare time to help. I just fixed wrong pieces and sorted pieces by color.

Even though he likes puzzles, it was a very hard job to build this puzzle, because my father is weak sighted. He always used a magnifier when doing this job.

Anyway when "Life" was done it was so so so huge and grand....It is a great work. Only a person who has accomplished this puzzle and watched with their own eyes could feel what my family felt at that time.

I have heard that other members of the puzzle community are still assembling this great work, but my father is the person who completed first in Korea .. and is the oldest here.

I want to display this big puzzle in a public place and share it if I have the chance. But I haven't found where or how yet.

My father lost two pieces and has requested them from the lost pieces service. I'm waiting on the two pieces from EDUCA.

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