The World's (previous) Largest Jigsaw Puzzle
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May 22, 2009
James A. Arthur Intermediate School (300+ participants)   -   Kennedale, Tarrant County, Texas, U.S.A.
Principal: Danny Greenfield   -   Vice-Principal: Myra Rickard
Assembled between September 15, 2008 and May 22, 2009.

FIRST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD TO COMPLETE - James A. Arthur Intermediate School
James A. Arthur Intermediate School   -   Kennedale, Tarrant County, Texas, U.S.A.
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Fifth and sixth grade students, parents, and teachers made the "World's Largest Puzzle" a year long project. Over 300 people contributed. What started as something unique and fun turned into a group effort to be the first school to complete the puzzle. We monitored the Hall of Fame entries on a regular basis to make sure we still had a chance to claim such a title.

Students with a high citizenship grade could work on the puzzle which was in a room across from the office. We opted to work on one section at a time. It took approximately 8 weeks to complete the section with animals, fish, and balloons. After completing the first section we knew we had a chance to finish the puzzle before the school year ended. We found the "Lost City" to be the most challenging part of the puzzle.

One night in March we had a "Pizza Pepsi Planet Puzzle Party for Polite People". We had huge telescopes set up to view the moon and several planets. Parents and teachers joined over 200 students for a great night. And yes, we did have pizza and worked on the puzzle.

On May 22, 2009 we had a Puzzle Completion Assembly. Eight students, one parent, and one staff member were selected to put the last 10 pieces in place. Students, parents, and staff members signed the wood trim around the puzzle. Lots of pictures were taken, including one with students and staff in front of the school marquee. We were on a local television station and also in the newspaper.

We have a great place to display the puzzle in the school lobby. We look forward to it being on display for years to come. We are ready for an even bigger puzzle ---- so bring it on!

School Principal and Vice Principal
Vice-Principal: Myra Rickard     -     Principal: Danny Greenfield
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